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Finally. Restored.

Had to do a bunch of stuff to move my entries here and there, backup, restore, rename folders, restore again... change template, republish... to get it to work.

I'm at a new host, a under re-hosting under a friend for mostly the same $ but much more bandwidth and much more space. Just got that deal paid 3 days ago. Lots been happening to me - legal stuff: a divorce and a possible client who refuses to pay me.

Firefox 3. Sold my EEE 701: eBay ($300). MSI Wind or Acer Aspire One?! Lightning took out all my network switches - in the process of a warranty for Belkin.

I better back this up before anything gets weird.
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Ugh. I've emailed eBay over a month and a half ago. "engineers are working on it" "the engineers know about this issue"

A quick google for the exact error message shows I'm not the only person (link).
I copied some logs of the live chat and emails below...

Bought a [not] fake 2GB MicroSD on eBay - updated

Came in just an SD container, no packaging. ;_; knew it was a steal of a deal.
Turns out I contacted SanDisk and they said they recently switched packaging and no more logo on the items... I was wrong. Go buy cheap 2GB MicroSD cards on eBay. I paid like 14$ total.

Fake Sandisk MicroSD 004.jpg
Fake Sandisk MicroSD 003.jpg
The powder in the pillbox is piracetam.