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Help Computer: XP SP3 MCE 2005 Uh-oh

stop-error.png Seems XP SP3 is killing AMD machines with the error: STOP: 0x0000007e. and causes endless reboots. STOP: 0x000000A5 affects AMD processors and can be fixed by plugging in a USB device? There's also a endless reboot stop error that breaks Vista thanks to SP1.

XP MCE 2005, installing SP3 didn't cause endless reboots, but it did cause my green volume bar to stop showing up when I change volume (much like a TV volume bar). I miss it. Uninstalling to maybe get it back.

Start menu freedom

Before - with many spilling entries, confusing, overwhelming, frustrating.
After - nice navigation

I used Start Killer 2.3 to gain some taskbar space, when pressing the start menu keyboard key it will pop the remnants of a start menu from the top right, so it isn't completely gone, unless you feel like disabling that too.

Pop open Launchy with a quick ALT + SPACE and type your program name.