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Movies 08

Saw 'gone baby gone' that was nice. Want to see Cloverfield, there's so much hype and secrecy and it looks epic. The viral marketing is addicting, and it's spammed over a bunch of stations.

Movie Post 2

Grindhouse - Planet Terror is fantastic! "Gonna eat your brains to gain your knowledge" Favorite quote. I'll watch the other half of Grindhouse - Death Proof. Soon.
Oh and I love Timbaland - 'Way I are' and that 4 week #1 'Apologize'
Why is Rachel Ray so irresistible? Her evil laugh is the hook in my cheek.

Arnold Says: "only you can stop chain mail."

I really dislike chain mail. So here's some tips to stop it:
  • If you have gmail, set up a filter to black list a chain mailing person - sort their mail into a label that skips the inbox, or directly into the trash.
  • Set up a filter to certain keywords "email this to" "lucky" "luck" - as a few examples - and sort into a chain mail label or trash - skip the inbox.
  • Ask chain mailing friends/acquaintances to remove your email, ask to have them never email you, or try to give them your gmail address with periods in it (set gmail to sort the address with periods into trash/label - skip inbox)

This beats the other alternative of breaking the chain emailing persons hands. But really the choice is yours.

I got a pedometer. ran 5000 steps playing tag, walked little over 1000. Overslept thru Organic Chem today. Oops.

Death at a funeral

Death at a funeral is a very good UK movie. Get it if you can. I have a history test Wed, and I hope I won't have an Organic. I have little study in [none]. Fantastic. Doom. Approaches.

Movie Post 1

Hard Candy's a awful and very good and smart movie. Deja Vu was pretty okay. Lots of thrillers lately.
Wow Soulja Boy, 17, made his album with FLstudio. Haha, I should try FL again.

5th post. Yay

Goat infection :(

Finishing 'Disturbia' - good movie. Finished my essay (1120 words) - not in the mood to proof read it now.

Our goat has some kind of fungus/bacterial (?) foot infection, he's limping. Gave our 40lb mini goat 4 benadryl to sedate him (hopefully completely out but he didn't even act drowsy, low pulse though), invited a friend over to try to help us locate the jugular, she couldn't find it, so gave him oral DI-Methox (Sulfadimethoxine - antibacterial) and not the IV :( . Got some peroxide on his sores which are around his ankles (not hooves? weird, smell a little sour but not like hoof rotting). Plenty of mosquito bites, owie.