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Mid-Week Tag

3100 steps at PCE wildcat wonderland. 5 players. We'll have a huge-long one Sunday afternoon to evening! It was a medium-long game I'd say. A preparation for Sundayyyy. Hooray.

84 hours after tag

Fully recovered! 8000 steps yesterday. woo. I need equal or more.

48 hours after tag


I found Devin! Legs are ouch from Thursday evening. 2+ hrs of gameplay
Yay for exercise. I'm getting fit.

Goat update/Case of the Mondays

My goat must have some sort of fungal infection. And I'm waiting at Ed Morse Honda - WPB - for them to examine the tires bleh - 3.5hours later and we need new ones - from someone else. I'm sore from playing tag with mike and katie yesterday, legs stiff :(. Can't wait till we play Thursday. Yay!