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This link went around regarding well... some interesting individuals. Check youtube, myspace, or facebook for some of her. All over the internet pipes.

justine b n w.jpgcriminallyvulgar.com post about their LJ drama (originally dated 2005)

dawson justine damien tullier (early 2007) (local copy) (google docs copy)
(google docs hosted writeup by a former classmate and student of tulliers?).

current.com/ (tv)(pod) dawson outside porn (late 2007)
http://www.greenroomorlando.com/resumes/JustineJacobs.pdf (an old resume) (copy paste to url)

Supplemental Information:
http://www.google.com/search?q=ah9tfdjkssnw_1c63q92 (using google to cross reference the forums that linked that google doc)

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