The theme broke and fixed itself...

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I rarely update this much. Thinking about getting a tumblr. Microblogging is where it's at now :/ Anyways the theme was broken and site background-less but for some reason ignoring it fixed it. Weird. I should update MT to the latest... but idc. 


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Sick of having to google thru fakes to find the correct drivers and LG does a good job hiding drivers. link [expires 1yr after last visit.]
got dl from and Telecheck sucks. Amazon uses Telecheck for the ACH payment processing... bad news. I changed banks so Amazon did the one-click purchase and tried to bill my closed bank account. I canceled the order but payment attempted to process. Shortly later I start getting calls from TRS 5x a day, most of the time the operators hang up when they hear your voice which I don't understand... that's terrible telemarketing. And the 2x I did talk to operators they gave me vague reasons for why I owe money and how If I don't pay up they'll keep on calling at all times. It was a 5$ purchase and it got refunded... Seriously, all this for $5?!? And I have to pay a processing fee of $30... c'mon... really? They're claiming they need to repay amazon... but amazon says I'm paid in full... so now what...

Just take a look for yourself... just awful.

Experiment #2 Codename: Fluffy.

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After the well published successes of initial experimentation using the previously established manufacturing methods the following test was permitted, these are the lab notes:

Experiment 2: 'Fluffy' resulted in a partial test failure. The experiment was conducted utilizing twice the reactants. Resulting subjects were rubbery, heavy, lifeless slabs. Statistical outliers seemed to create correctly formed subjects based on external view, upon internal inspection subjects were of the same type and condition, this indicates correct synthesis was only partially achieved. Furthermore, autopsy confirmed excess milk, oil, salt. All created subjects have been authorized for 'decommissioning' and 'destruction' with the next 48hours. More experimentation will be conducted on the next authorized test date/time. Recreation of 'delicious fluffy pancakes' is required for survival of the human species.



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AIM Bot pt 6

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(12:49:35 AM) RuntyCoho: What sort of artwork do you have in your house?
(12:49:54 AM) : really? coho'd?
(12:49:56 AM) RuntyCoho: who are you
(12:50:17 AM) RuntyCoho: ive never been to a circus
(12:50:27 AM) : the cohobot works by iming random people and connecting them thru a coho IM
(12:50:35 AM) : i am a random stranger plagued by the same IM's
(12:50:40 AM) : but it's all how you roll with it, or freak out
(12:50:48 AM) : the intro questions are pretty terrible
(12:50:57 AM) : mine was "what sort of artwork do you have in your house"
(12:51:10 AM) : apparently, yours was something about a circus...
(12:51:18 AM) RuntyCoho: so youre an actual person not a robot
(12:51:22 AM) : yeah
(12:52:00 AM) : ¿pɐǝɹ noʎ uɐɔ 'ʇsǝʇ uɐɯnɥ
(12:52:06 AM) : asl?
(12:52:11 AM) : 21/m/FL
(12:53:05 AM) RuntyCoho: yea im a human, 20/m/IL
(12:53:48 AM) : well thanks for not attacking
(12:53:59 AM) : haha, most people respond "GO AWAY, STOP IM'ING ME"
(12:54:20 AM) RuntyCoho: yea
(12:54:34 AM) : which are all tactics that will not fix and just get you all upset
(12:54:54 AM) : so i think the coho project or "salmon" project is supposed to be about meeting random people
(12:55:14 AM) RuntyCoho: yea i'm reading up on it now
(12:55:30 AM) RuntyCoho: its pretty bizarre tho, that it's not Opt in
(12:56:08 AM) : are you:
(12:56:21 AM) : i made a post to a friends LJ using AIM-openID
(12:56:40 AM) : and have been getting them about once every 2-3 weeks average
(12:56:43 AM) : since 8 months ago
(12:56:56 AM) RuntyCoho: damn
(12:57:07 AM) RuntyCoho: its weird because I dont have a LiveJournal account
(12:57:07 AM) : it's tough trying to convince the opposing person that you're not a bot, you're not trying to kill them... etc...
(12:57:20 AM) : it uses xanga, and deviantART
(12:57:33 AM) RuntyCoho: not on either of those
(12:57:39 AM) : hm :/
(12:57:51 AM) : well somehow...
(12:57:55 AM) : maybe theres' more ways now
(12:58:34 AM) : someohow your s/n is probably listed on a website
(12:58:48 AM) RuntyCoho: yea its weird
(12:58:57 AM) RuntyCoho: they say it might be from twitter, which im not on either
(12:59:01 AM) RuntyCoho: but maybe facebook
(12:59:03 AM) RuntyCoho: idk
(12:59:15 AM) : no. i dont think closed-network sites like that could
(12:59:18 AM) : just open ended ones
(1:00:11 AM) : maybe forums?
(1:00:45 AM) : myspace is more open-ish than facebook
(1:00:48 AM) RuntyCoho: i havent posted my sn anywhere i dont think
(1:01:11 AM) : facebook they'd have to be a friend or hack facebook, and then many more people would be coho'd
(1:01:56 AM) : it's not a virus.
(1:02:08 AM) : somehow you gave it to someone :/
(1:02:12 AM) RuntyCoho: yea I think not
(1:02:27 AM) : well i know for certain how mine got added
(1:02:44 AM) : it's possible someone manually added you, but i think the whole system is automated
(1:03:21 AM) RuntyCoho: yea i would think so, but yea you can manually do it
(1:03:56 AM) RuntyCoho: its just kinda bizarre, its happened a few times in the past weeks and i had no idea what was going on
(1:04:06 AM) : haha
(1:04:22 AM) : after my first, i looked up the screenname
(1:04:37 AM) : and found a convo on someone else's LJ/blog
(1:04:51 AM) : and the LJ "themissinghat" community showed up

AIM Bot pt 5

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(5:39:06 PM) PanickingCoho: What's your favorite vowel?
(5:39:21 PM) : coho'd !
(5:39:25 PM) PanickingCoho: yep
(5:39:30 PM) : kick ass!
(5:39:40 PM) : "what's your favorite vowel?" rofl hahaha what a terrible intro
(5:39:49 PM) : a/s/l ?
(5:39:50 PM) PanickingCoho: [16:38] AlchemicalCoho: I want to go to Tanzania.
(5:39:55 PM) : oooh man!
(5:40:00 PM) PanickingCoho: Mannn
(5:40:05 PM) : 21/m/FL
(5:40:29 PM) : i do love this coho business
(5:40:34 PM) PanickingCoho: haha, I'm a 22 year old guy living in mississippi
(5:41:00 PM) : cool... mississippi
(5:41:34 PM) : where do these awful intros come from. last one i had was something about obama
(5:41:53 PM) PanickingCoho: hah
(5:42:08 PM) PanickingCoho: I have a couple ideas about the source
(5:42:21 PM) : tell
(5:43:02 PM) : if you dont mind, i usually post my coho convo's online.
(5:43:23 PM) PanickingCoho: it's not a problem
(5:43:28 PM) : ha cool
(5:43:50 PM) : my last coho was Nov 30 i do believe
(5:44:05 PM) PanickingCoho: Never had a coho before this, but I had a couple of Trouts
(5:44:12 PM) PanickingCoho: a while back
(5:44:16 PM) : ahhhh old skool
(5:44:34 PM) : mine started when i used OpenID with my AIM s/n to post a reply to a friends LJ
(5:44:52 PM) PanickingCoho: I was awfully confused!
(5:45:19 PM) : i was too, until i googled and found it
(5:45:22 PM) PanickingCoho: I had to research it because the people who I had gotten stuck with had no clue about it!
(5:46:07 PM) : how's the weather?
(5:46:17 PM) : it's get much snow?
(5:46:44 PM) PanickingCoho: It got enough to have a snowball fight here, haha
(5:46:57 PM) PanickingCoho: Hattiesburg had it's own little winter wonderland for 6 hours
(5:46:59 PM) : i'm in south FL, 40 min from west palm, it's an acceptable 67*
(5:47:13 PM) PanickingCoho: I am wearing shorts right now so haha
(5:47:30 PM) PanickingCoho: it is probably around the same temp here. I never keep track of that
(5:48:03 PM) : coldest it's gotten this winter was maybe 40F
(5:49:32 PM) : yup...
(5:50:59 PM) : so how about that new Windows 7 beta leak
(5:51:54 PM) PanickingCoho: I have no idea about that, unfortunately!
(5:52:00 PM) : aw ok. hm
(5:52:26 PM) : it was a long shot :/

Male Lactation

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Male lactation, sounds pretty neat, enhances bonding between father and child.

> Recycle for Ni-MH batteries and Chargers
> Tel: 1-800-822-8831

Some Sony rechargable AA's died... after 14 months of use. Maybe I killed them, maybe it was just their time. Not buying AA's for my 360 for 14 months was a well spent project.

Seems the line from their battery packaging and corporate site is now a phone sex hotline... all I wanted was directions on where to recycle in my area. Way to renew your telephone number Sony.
(I found out my county recycles at the county dump for all residents).

MT 4.23 update

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I duplicated my MT and MT-Static directories, uploaded zip, extracted with cpanel and MT finished the converting and updating. 4.12 > 4.23.