AIM Bot pt 5

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(5:39:06 PM) PanickingCoho: What's your favorite vowel?
(5:39:21 PM) : coho'd !
(5:39:25 PM) PanickingCoho: yep
(5:39:30 PM) : kick ass!
(5:39:40 PM) : "what's your favorite vowel?" rofl hahaha what a terrible intro
(5:39:49 PM) : a/s/l ?
(5:39:50 PM) PanickingCoho: [16:38] AlchemicalCoho: I want to go to Tanzania.
(5:39:55 PM) : oooh man!
(5:40:00 PM) PanickingCoho: Mannn
(5:40:05 PM) : 21/m/FL
(5:40:29 PM) : i do love this coho business
(5:40:34 PM) PanickingCoho: haha, I'm a 22 year old guy living in mississippi
(5:41:00 PM) : cool... mississippi
(5:41:34 PM) : where do these awful intros come from. last one i had was something about obama
(5:41:53 PM) PanickingCoho: hah
(5:42:08 PM) PanickingCoho: I have a couple ideas about the source
(5:42:21 PM) : tell
(5:43:02 PM) : if you dont mind, i usually post my coho convo's online.
(5:43:23 PM) PanickingCoho: it's not a problem
(5:43:28 PM) : ha cool
(5:43:50 PM) : my last coho was Nov 30 i do believe
(5:44:05 PM) PanickingCoho: Never had a coho before this, but I had a couple of Trouts
(5:44:12 PM) PanickingCoho: a while back
(5:44:16 PM) : ahhhh old skool
(5:44:34 PM) : mine started when i used OpenID with my AIM s/n to post a reply to a friends LJ
(5:44:52 PM) PanickingCoho: I was awfully confused!
(5:45:19 PM) : i was too, until i googled and found it
(5:45:22 PM) PanickingCoho: I had to research it because the people who I had gotten stuck with had no clue about it!
(5:46:07 PM) : how's the weather?
(5:46:17 PM) : it's get much snow?
(5:46:44 PM) PanickingCoho: It got enough to have a snowball fight here, haha
(5:46:57 PM) PanickingCoho: Hattiesburg had it's own little winter wonderland for 6 hours
(5:46:59 PM) : i'm in south FL, 40 min from west palm, it's an acceptable 67*
(5:47:13 PM) PanickingCoho: I am wearing shorts right now so haha
(5:47:30 PM) PanickingCoho: it is probably around the same temp here. I never keep track of that
(5:48:03 PM) : coldest it's gotten this winter was maybe 40F
(5:49:32 PM) : yup...
(5:50:59 PM) : so how about that new Windows 7 beta leak
(5:51:54 PM) PanickingCoho: I have no idea about that, unfortunately!
(5:52:00 PM) : aw ok. hm
(5:52:26 PM) : it was a long shot :/

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