AIM Bot pt 6

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(12:49:35 AM) RuntyCoho: What sort of artwork do you have in your house?
(12:49:54 AM) : really? coho'd?
(12:49:56 AM) RuntyCoho: who are you
(12:50:17 AM) RuntyCoho: ive never been to a circus
(12:50:27 AM) : the cohobot works by iming random people and connecting them thru a coho IM
(12:50:35 AM) : i am a random stranger plagued by the same IM's
(12:50:40 AM) : but it's all how you roll with it, or freak out
(12:50:48 AM) : the intro questions are pretty terrible
(12:50:57 AM) : mine was "what sort of artwork do you have in your house"
(12:51:10 AM) : apparently, yours was something about a circus...
(12:51:18 AM) RuntyCoho: so youre an actual person not a robot
(12:51:22 AM) : yeah
(12:52:00 AM) : ¿pɐǝɹ noʎ uɐɔ 'ʇsǝʇ uɐɯnɥ
(12:52:06 AM) : asl?
(12:52:11 AM) : 21/m/FL
(12:53:05 AM) RuntyCoho: yea im a human, 20/m/IL
(12:53:48 AM) : well thanks for not attacking
(12:53:59 AM) : haha, most people respond "GO AWAY, STOP IM'ING ME"
(12:54:20 AM) RuntyCoho: yea
(12:54:34 AM) : which are all tactics that will not fix and just get you all upset
(12:54:54 AM) : so i think the coho project or "salmon" project is supposed to be about meeting random people
(12:55:14 AM) RuntyCoho: yea i'm reading up on it now
(12:55:30 AM) RuntyCoho: its pretty bizarre tho, that it's not Opt in
(12:56:08 AM) : are you:
(12:56:21 AM) : i made a post to a friends LJ using AIM-openID
(12:56:40 AM) : and have been getting them about once every 2-3 weeks average
(12:56:43 AM) : since 8 months ago
(12:56:56 AM) RuntyCoho: damn
(12:57:07 AM) RuntyCoho: its weird because I dont have a LiveJournal account
(12:57:07 AM) : it's tough trying to convince the opposing person that you're not a bot, you're not trying to kill them... etc...
(12:57:20 AM) : it uses xanga, and deviantART
(12:57:33 AM) RuntyCoho: not on either of those
(12:57:39 AM) : hm :/
(12:57:51 AM) : well somehow...
(12:57:55 AM) : maybe theres' more ways now
(12:58:34 AM) : someohow your s/n is probably listed on a website
(12:58:48 AM) RuntyCoho: yea its weird
(12:58:57 AM) RuntyCoho: they say it might be from twitter, which im not on either
(12:59:01 AM) RuntyCoho: but maybe facebook
(12:59:03 AM) RuntyCoho: idk
(12:59:15 AM) : no. i dont think closed-network sites like that could
(12:59:18 AM) : just open ended ones
(1:00:11 AM) : maybe forums?
(1:00:45 AM) : myspace is more open-ish than facebook
(1:00:48 AM) RuntyCoho: i havent posted my sn anywhere i dont think
(1:01:11 AM) : facebook they'd have to be a friend or hack facebook, and then many more people would be coho'd
(1:01:56 AM) : it's not a virus.
(1:02:08 AM) : somehow you gave it to someone :/
(1:02:12 AM) RuntyCoho: yea I think not
(1:02:27 AM) : well i know for certain how mine got added
(1:02:44 AM) : it's possible someone manually added you, but i think the whole system is automated
(1:03:21 AM) RuntyCoho: yea i would think so, but yea you can manually do it
(1:03:56 AM) RuntyCoho: its just kinda bizarre, its happened a few times in the past weeks and i had no idea what was going on
(1:04:06 AM) : haha
(1:04:22 AM) : after my first, i looked up the screenname
(1:04:37 AM) : and found a convo on someone else's LJ/blog
(1:04:51 AM) : and the LJ "themissinghat" community showed up

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