Experiment #2 Codename: Fluffy.

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After the well published successes of initial experimentation using the previously established manufacturing methods the following test was permitted, these are the lab notes:

Experiment 2: 'Fluffy' resulted in a partial test failure. The experiment was conducted utilizing twice the reactants. Resulting subjects were rubbery, heavy, lifeless slabs. Statistical outliers seemed to create correctly formed subjects based on external view, upon internal inspection subjects were of the same type and condition, this indicates correct synthesis was only partially achieved. Furthermore, autopsy confirmed excess milk, oil, salt. All created subjects have been authorized for 'decommissioning' and 'destruction' with the next 48hours. More experimentation will be conducted on the next authorized test date/time. Recreation of 'delicious fluffy pancakes' is required for survival of the human species.

REF: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Pancakes

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