Telecheck / TRS [telecheck recovery systems]

| | Comments (0) | TrackBacks (0) and Telecheck sucks. Amazon uses Telecheck for the ACH payment processing... bad news. I changed banks so Amazon did the one-click purchase and tried to bill my closed bank account. I canceled the order but payment attempted to process. Shortly later I start getting calls from TRS 5x a day, most of the time the operators hang up when they hear your voice which I don't understand... that's terrible telemarketing. And the 2x I did talk to operators they gave me vague reasons for why I owe money and how If I don't pay up they'll keep on calling at all times. It was a 5$ purchase and it got refunded... Seriously, all this for $5?!? And I have to pay a processing fee of $30... c'mon... really? They're claiming they need to repay amazon... but amazon says I'm paid in full... so now what...

Just take a look for yourself... just awful.

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